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Transpose, Devise, Iterate 

Transpose, Devise, Iterate 

A weekend intensive with Apikoros and Kasia

Japanese rope as we know has roots in performance. In this workshop, Apikoros and Kasia will examine what it means to seriously treat tying as a physical theatrical discipline. Drawing from butoh and the work of Jacques Lecoq, Apikoros and Kasia will lead students through exercises where they will be asked to use their physical imagination as well as their knowledge of touch, body mechanics, and culture to collaboratively choreograph and devise scenes. From there, as a group, the class will work on analyzing scenes and finding ways to build on them. Students will walk away from this intensive with new tools to communicate about tying, a framework to plan performances, and new knowledge of techniques to use with their tying partner.

Prerequisites: This workshop is open to all levels. Students should be able to tie an aisatsu or a single column tie, and be comfortable engaging in emotional work and sharing their work with others. Content covered will involve a fair amount of movement and material drawn from Intimacy Design pedagogy, and will likely be unfamiliar to many. Students are encouraged to experiment with new material and are free to opt out of any component of the workshop or ask for modifications. Students may work in groups greater than two, however,  students attending alone will not be welcome to participate.

Materials: Please bring at least four hanks of 8m rope, a notebook, and a pen.

Cost: Sliding scale $150-$250CAD per couple (Trios, please chip in an extra $50)

Dates and Times:
Day 1: Saturday, Jan 18 2020. 11am to 5pm
Day 2: Sunday, Jan 19 2020. 11am to 5pm (followed by a little performance evening)

Registration: thespace2vancouver@gmail.com


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