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Kinbaku Live X

A co-tying scene with Barkas, Addie, & Sloane

Barkas in Addie’s ropes. And the announcement of an auction.

Barkas & Sloane are talking about physics 😉

Barkas & Addie are talking about leverages in Yukimura Ryu

Addie gives a basic “Barkas 101” explanation.

Addie in a highly dynamic self suspension plus some tips and tricks after the tie

Ranboo with Barkas & Addie

Addie in an amazing self suspension transition.

Perspectives – Life Drawing w Addie and Sloane.Ish.Ropes.

PersonalSpace. Self tying with Addie

Kinbaku Live III

Barkas & Addie in another floor work scene

The first Kinbaku Live instagram livestream by Barkas & Addie