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Barkas’ Kinbaku Dojo is the heart of the education offered at TheSpace2. The education consists of ongoing, progressive trainings located in the metaphorical “city of Kinbaku” – a non-hierarchical model for education. The aim of Barkas’ Kinbaku and the city of Kinbaku is simple: To help people find their personal approach to rope bondage, and to support their development in a positive and welcoming environment. Technical rope skills are of the same importance as communication skills. Each session encourages participants to meet each other and themselves with respect and care.

Education at TheSpace2 Vancouver


Barkas’ Kinbaku Dojo Vancouver provides monthly workshops in modern Kinbaku technique and philosophy, taught by Barkas, Addie, or one of their co-instructors. These trainings are designed to supplement and build on each other, to give a thorough, adaptable, and enjoyable understanding of kinbaku.

Each workshop is roughly divided in three parts. The first part is a warm up, to wake up the fingers and get to know the day’s mood. The second part is the detailed discussion and practice of one topic. The general topic follows a set rotation (see below), though exact technique depends on the needs of the participants on that day and as such is not pre-announced. The last part of the training is dedicated to free tying practice, with the instructor(s) available to answer questions and give feedback.