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SpatialAwareness – special discussion about inclusivity

SpatialAwareness – special discussion about inclusivity

Sunday, March 17. 5pm.At TheSpace2.
Free donation! 
100% of the donation goes to the Unist'ot'en Camp.

Moderated by Xanthine.

SpatialAwareness is an event that focuses on the broader contexts of rope bondage. Consent, community, inclusiveness, power, privilege, gender, etc. are terms of rapidly increasing importance in the field of rope bondage. SpatialAwareness approaches those and related concepts from an open perspective. Using open discussions, role play, and lectures, we investigate various, pre-announced topics with the goal of empowering individuals to contribute positively to the growth and identity of what is commonly called the Rope Community. We do not aim to tell participants what is good or bad, but to explore how various topics can be understood, to give people opportunities to investigate, discuss, and expand their and our own thoughts on these complex and often divisive topics.

This event also works on the hope that many people who have already run into problems with consent would like to learn to do better, and so is open to everyone who expresses and exhibits an interest in learning and improving, and developing skills to help prevent future problems. This means that this event also welcomes people who, for various reasons, do not have an invitation to other events at TheSpace2. We also specifically invite those who are new to the community, and may not have even heard of topics like consent violation, privilege, normative gender perceptions, etc. We do not believe in stupid questions, and we acknowledge that entering the rope (kink, etc) community can be a culture shock for many. We hope that this event supports understanding and education, and contributes to the ongoing learning process in which we all partake, and from which we all benefit.

No rope (or other kinky) play at this event. Please read TheSpace2’s general etiquette guidelines.

Please note that some of the topics discussed at SpatialAwareness may be difficult for some people, yourself included. Also, we ask that individual and collective privacy be respected at these events. We would like people to feel safe having difficult discussions, therefore, while the content and topics can be discussed outside the event, we ask that no names be attached, and that details or personal disclosures not be published on the internet.

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