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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

WARNING: Some aspects of Kinbaku (rope bondage) and related activities, including but not limited to suspensions, are potentially hazardous and dangerous. Any person using ropes in any manner is personally responsible for learning the proper techniques involved and assumes all risks and accepts full and complete responsibility for any and all damages and injury of any kind, which may result from practicing these activities.

different events – different needs

On this page you will find RSVP and reservation policies, refund policies, and payment policies. Please read to the bottom of the page!

No RSVP Necessary for…

  • SpaceTime: Just show up and have fun. $10/person at the door.
  • SpaceOddity: Tickets posted separately. $20/person at the door.
  • Spatial awareness: No RSVP necessary, but appreciated for planning. Free donations with a suggestion of $5.
  • Live Drawing/Structures: No RSVP necessary. $10-$20 sliding scale.
  • Kinbaku trainings: No RSVP necessary. $20/person at the door.
    Solo participants are welcome to attend and perhaps work together, though we will not guarantee that solo attendees will find a partner at the training. Whether or not to work together is always an individual decision and no one will be pushed to interact with others.


RSVP necessary:

  • Workshops of all kinds: RSVP mandatory. Prices vary. Please see individual event listings for details on how to RSVP and to whom, as some workshops are organized by external parties. Registration is usually only confirmed after payment.
  • Special events (e.g. “VERBS”): RSVP mandatory. Please see individual event listings for details on how to RSVP
  • *Please note* we cannot accept RSVP’s via Fetlife. RSVPing for an event on FL or fb does not guarantee a spot, nor does requesting a spot via FL message. FL messages will be asked to contact us via thespace2vancouver@gmail.com.


  • We accept cash as well as card payment at the door for non-RSVP events or in advance for future events. Workshops and special events will support pre payment online.

Refund policy:

Paid spots can be transferred to other people after a quick check-in with us at any point before the workshop. For cancellations, please see the following:

  • Workshops: You can cancel any workshop led by us (TheSpace2 team) before 1 week (7days) prior to the workshop either for equivalent credit or a 50% refund (bank fees may apply). After that point (i.e. within 7days prior to the first day of the event) we cannot offer any refund. External organizers’ policies may differ, please review individual workshop policies before booking with them.

Legal stuff

  • All participants of all activities must be at least of age 19.
  • All participants must sign a waiver when entering TheSpace2 for the first time. The reason for that is a demand by the insurance. We do not store copies of ID’s but we need to check if the name on the waiver is matching a valid ID. You can find the waiver here and bring it already completed in order to avoid wait times at the door.

We are happy to answer questions about any of the above. Please email us at thespace2vancouver@gmail.com.