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  • One workshop per month


We will be notifying our community as soon as we have ropes back in stock.

We have Japanese jute ropes for sale. We are proud to offer the best ropes for Kinbaku directly from Japan exclusively for our community.

  • The standard. single ply, 6mm natural jute. Length: 8m (±5cm). $28/bundle. This rope is the high quality standard for every purpose in erotic rope bondage.
  • The thin rope. single ply, 5mm natural jute. Length: 8m (±5cm). $26/bundle. It is especially good for floor work and intricate patterns but fulfills every purpose.
  • Highest Quality. single ply, 5mm. Length: 8m (±5cm). vegan. scent free. $38/bundle.

All relevant taxes included.

Ropes are available for pick up while stocks last. No shipping available.

To order your ropes, please send us an email to thespace2vancouver@gmail.com and please don’t forget to indicate the type and the amount of ropes you’d like to purchase.

WARNING: Some aspects of Kinbaku (rope bondage) and related activities, including but not limited to suspensions, are potentially hazardous and dangerous. Any person using our ropes in any manner is personally responsible for learning the proper techniques involved, and assumes all risks and accepts full and complete responsibility for any and all damages and injury of any kind, which may result from practicing these activities.