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Intro to suspension by Addie & Saffron

Intro to suspension by Addie & Saffron

Suspensions are intense, fun, elegant, challenging, strenuous, liberating, rewarding… and they carry with them a higher risk profile. This workshop builds a functional knowledge of suspension, with the aim of acknowledging and minimizing the risks involved so that all parties can have a good time in the air. We will look at common forms/progressions in suspension, uplines, smooth body handling, balance points, trouble shooting, and other various bits of knowledge for those tying. We will also cover bottoming knowledge and body awareness, as well as communication between the tying and tied persons, and workarounds for some of the more common trouble spots.


For the workshop series: no previous suspension knowledge necessary, though tying participants should be able to tie a suspension-worthy upper body tie in under 5 minutes, and a non-collapsing single column tie on the first try. People being tied should have some experience in rope, though this is a flexible suggestion. If you have any questions about those guidelines please contact me.


ropes (enough to suspend, which generally means enough for an upper body harness plus 4ish lengths). Rings/carabiners/cutting devices, whatever you use to suspend. Snacks. Comfy clothes are recommended, and I find leggings and socks/ankle warmers are helpful against rope rubbing, especially when the tying person is learning. Be aware that some of these techniques may leave rope marks.

The techniques used are more suited for natural fiber rope (hemp, jute) than synthetic

Date: Sunday, April 28th. noon to 5pm at TheSpace2. (30min break. Bring a snack!)

Cost: $150/pair

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