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Consent – Health – Comfort

Consent – Health – Comfort

  • Consent

Kinbaku can be very intimate and often includes a closeness between persons which is uncommon in daily life. It is therefore important to engage in a process of communication between persons tying with each other, which decreases the risk of miscommunication during the exercises. In other words, please talk to each other about what is ok and what is not ok for everyone involved. Barkas and each of their co-instructors values consent above anything, and in a case where an exercise involves a limit for a participant, we are more than happy to offer alternatives and to support participants in finding what works for them.

  • Health

The wellbeing of each and every participant is important to us. We want to ensure that no participant feels pressured to follow through or exactly copy every exercise. Please inform us before the training or workshop about any situation that could lead to a health risk or injury. We have work-arounds for everything, and are happy to provide alternatives.

During the events please make sure to take care of yourself, as you are the one who knows your body best. Hydration, meditation, stretching … whatever helps you stay healthy and happy, so that you can enjoy yourself and your interactions through ropes.

  • Comfort

Although we dislike imposing restrictions, we suggest it is maybe not the best idea to come to a workshop in the world’s tightest corset or most constricting bow tie. When asked, we suggest wearing comfortable clothes that give you the freedom to move and make you feel good. Participants often bring a snack (“aftercare chocolate” is a favourite). Bring and wear what makes you happy (as long as it is compliant with the Space’s etiquette policy).


Handout Safety and Consent