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How to participate

How to participate


All Trainings are hands-on classes. That means, we will demonstrate an exercise and then participants have the chance to practice that exercise.

Teaching Consent:
* We will always ask participants before stepping into their practice to give advice. Please, feel encouraged to say no if it’s not the proper moment or situation for an instructor to step in.
* Workarounds: Everybody is unique and has different needs, abilities, or limitations. Unless stated otherwise, we are presenting exercises that work for us. If participants can’t or don’t want to practice a specific exercise, we ask them to let us know so we can suggest similar exercises that work better for them.

BASICS TRAININGS: No prerequisites necessary. Just come by and we will explain everything. No ropes needed. We have ropes to borrow for the evening and we have ropes for sale. Though it is not necessary for the beginner trainings, we recommend bringing someone to tie with. We can’t guarantee that everyone finds someone to tie with at the trainings.

The GENERAL TRAININGS bring together those who feel already solid enough with a handful of basic exercises (such as single and double column ties) with those who are already on the verge to suspend or simply those who want to revisit more basic principles. Feel free to ask Barkas or one of the team if you are eligible.

The ADVANCED TRAININGS are reserved for those who show a strong commitment not only to Kinbaku in general but also to the school and the contents presented by Barkas and their co-instructors. It is never a bad idea to ask but participants of the advanced trainings are usually asked if they want to come to those trainings.

Costs: The trainings are $20/person. We have a punch card similar to a coffee card. The 11th training is free.

For all of the trainings, we explicitly want to invite auditors of all levels. Beginner can see what is possible and experts can see where they might have gaps in their knowledge. (Of course, also the knowledge of each of the instructors is limited as well.)


Art and Community

All these events are open for everyone who is interested in rope bondage and its contexts. No prerequisites necessary. Just come by, we give you a tour at the beginning and the space is yours.