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We have collected some of the most frequently asked questions regarding TheSpace2. Please check if there is an answer to your question before sending a message.

Q: What’s the address?
A: 3133 Kingsway, Vancouver. It’s a white gate and a glass door next to a Chinese BBQ.

Q: Do I have to RSVP for the trainings or for other events?
A: No, all trainings and regular events are drop-in events. However, Special events, e.g. workshops by external presenters do require a pre-purchased ticket.

Q: Do you accept card?
A: We accept basically any payment except crypto currencies.

Q: What if I can’t afford participating?
A: We have a “Shit, I forgot my wallet board” at TheSpace2. People who have a bit extra one day put tickets up on that board for people who have a bit too little one day. So, if you can’t come because of that, there is often tickets for trainings and parties up there.

Q: Do I have to bring someone along to the trainings?
A: No, we welcome auditors.

Q: Will there be someone to tie with?
A: If you don’t have plans with someone, there is no guarantee that someone will be there.

Q: I am single but I’d love to start doing ropes?
A: Many people who are now very advanced started to come alone. They were respectful and showed other participants that they are decent humans who follow the etiquette. Now they have regular tying partners and are respected members of a community.

Q: I don’t have ropes. Shall I buy some from any store?
A: If you are learning and you aren’t sure yet, if Kinbaku is the right thing for you, maybe use our loaner ropes during the trainings or other events before you invest in ropes. If you want to buy some, we can give you advise.

Q: What shall I wear for the trainings or social events?
A: Casual. comfortable. you should feel good. What you would also wear to a yoga class or a first visit at a martial arts venue. No full nudity.

Q: I am a few minutes late for the training. Can I come anyways?
A: If it is just a few minutes, yes. After we did the warm-up, which is approximately 20-30min in, we don’t let people in anymore as it distracts the training.

Q: Is it only a rope space or can I play with other stuff.
A: TheSpace2 is mainly a rope space. Please note that other play might be disruptive for other participants. There is no problem with incorporating aspects of kink into rope scenes but we ask to keep it focused around ropes. A good way of checking: Take a moment, look around and see how others play. Change your perspective and ask yourself if something you have in mind would distract you massively. If the answer is yes, don’t do it or wait a bit until the mood has changed.