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Yukimura Ryu Online Class

Yukimura Ryu Online Class

Yukimura Ryu Online Class

@BARKAS & @ADDIE SUNDAY MAY 24TH 2020 B.A.N.K. CLASS YUKIMURA RYUExperience Level: IntermediatePrerequisites: single column tie, basic frictionsNewaza, literally translated means “non-standing techniques”. Rope Bondage restricted to the floor, i.e. on a mattress or else, can be a very special way of experiencing ropes. The grand master Yukimura Haruki Sensei elaborated this style over the last 4 decades and

About the closing of the venue and donations for TheSpace2

We had to close the physical venue of TheSpace2 last week. Of course we are sad, but we are not devastated. TheSpace2 is a concept, a collection of history and interactions and intentions, not a physical location. There was a venue before this one, and there will be more venues in future. In the meantime,

TheSpace2 and our approach to the pandemic

TheSpace2 takes the safety of its visitors, students, and volunteers very seriously. In this little update, we want to inform you all what we are doing and what you can do to keep TheSpace2 a safe environment. Some information: Not every sneeze or cough is caused by the virus. And, due to an earlier start

Rope Construction, Treatment, and Maintenance by Daremo.

TheSpace2 is proud to host a local legend of handcrafts arts. Daremo will discuss and show participants of this workshop how ropes are constructed (including demonstration), how new ropes can be treated to meet your tying needs, and give useful tips and tricks about how to store, maintain, and repair your ropes. After the three hour

Transpose, Devise, Iterate 

A weekend intensive with Apikoros and Kasia Japanese rope as we know has roots in performance. In this workshop, Apikoros and Kasia will examine what it means to seriously treat tying as a physical theatrical discipline. Drawing from butoh and the work of Jacques Lecoq, Apikoros and Kasia will lead students through exercises where they

SpaceOddity – Performance by Wildties & RedSabbath SOLD OUT!

When Wildties and RedSabbath come to Vancouver to give an exclusive 3 days intensive workshop at TheSpace2, they will also share with us their understanding of a Kinbaku Live Show. Join us to witness their passion Date: May 24th, 8.30pm-9.30. Admission: $20/person. (Free for participants of their workshop. If you are a participant of the

Intro to suspension by Addie & Saffron

Suspensions are intense, fun, elegant, challenging, strenuous, liberating, rewarding… and they carry with them a higher risk profile. This workshop builds a functional knowledge of suspension, with the aim of acknowledging and minimizing the risks involved so that all parties can have a good time in the air. We will look at common forms/progressions in

SpatialAwareness – special discussion about inclusivity

Sunday, March 17. 5pm.At TheSpace2. Free donation! 100% of the donation goes to the Unist'ot'en Camp. Moderated by Xanthine. SpatialAwareness is an event that focuses on the broader contexts of rope bondage. Consent, community, inclusiveness, power, privilege, gender, etc. are terms of rapidly increasing importance in the field of rope bondage. SpatialAwareness approaches those and