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  • Mon, Wed, Fri: 7pm PST live stream on Instagram


For us at TheSpace2, social distancing is the opposite of what we usually teach and preach. We want to stay connected with the people who follow us, who learn from us, and who are eager to explore their personalities through the medium of rope.

Since we are re-opening softly with private lessons, we will make the live streams occasionally. We will announce them beforehand and hopefully with enough notice for you to join us. Sometimes though, we will make them just spontaneously.

The live streams can be found here: thespace2vancouver. Friday nights will also be available on Vimeo and below on this page. More videos can be found on our instagram page as igtv videos. Enjoy browsing.

The live streams are free.
Any donations will be used to reopen a new TheSpace2 in Vancouver to serve a thriving community as soon as possible.

Kinbaku Live X

A co-tying scene with Barkas, Addie, & Sloane

Barkas in Addie’s ropes. And the announcement of an auction.

Barkas & Sloane are talking about physics 😉

Barkas & Addie are talking about leverages in Yukimura Ryu

Addie gives a basic “Barkas 101” explanation.

Addie in a highly dynamic self suspension plus some tips and tricks after the tie

Ranboo with Barkas & Addie

Addie in an amazing self suspension transition.

Perspectives – Life Drawing w Addie and Sloane.Ish.Ropes.

PersonalSpace. Self tying with Addie

Kinbaku Live III

Barkas & Addie in another floor work scene

The first Kinbaku Live instagram livestream by Barkas & Addie