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Rope Construction, Treatment, and Maintenance by Daremo.

Rope Construction, Treatment, and Maintenance by Daremo.

TheSpace2 is proud to host a local legend of handcrafts arts.
Daremo will discuss and show participants of this workshop how ropes are constructed (including demonstration), how new ropes can be treated to meet your tying needs, and give useful tips and tricks about how to store, maintain, and repair your ropes.

After the three hour workshop, the participants are welcome to practice the new skills and, of course, tie during a jam. Daremo will be around to answer questions and help with some (minor) maintenance on your ropes.

Cost: $75/person (Participants get -10% off any rope purchase on that day)

Date: Sunday, March 29th.

Time: 1pm-4pm (Jam afterwards till 7pm)

 registration via email or in person at TheSpace2. 

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