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1-1 tuition with Addie

1-1 tuition with Addie



A 1-1 tuition with Addie is the most focused and personal way of learning rope bondage. Booking a 2h lesson starts with the student pair talking about what they want to get out of the lesson, then tying for approximately 5 minutes for an assessment. Based on that, Addie suggests exercises to reach two goals, an immediate improvement of some skills as well as opportunities to improve on ones own.

The special focus lies on suspension, self suspension, safety, rope patterns

Duration is 2h.

Location: Vancouver BC, Commercial drive and Charles street.


Private 1-1 tuition demands close indoor contact between teacher and students. We offer one private tuition slot per day to allow proper cleaning in between students. We ask for wearing a mask during the lesson and provide hand sanitizer which has to be used upon entrance. There is no washroom access. Please come ready to tie.